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Linda ♥

"She’s a girl,
living in her perfect world"
Birthday on 27th march
come from woodland sec
[L] volleyball

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♥ Thursday, March 18, 2010


Love ME @
3:41 AM

♥ Tuesday, March 16, 2010

today was tired! yet fun=)
went to study with annie at the morning. study half talking half la=X
mostly was talking? haha
then went to cwp meet munkei and yaxi
and we went to watch 3D movie Alice in wonder land
so cool ah!
but to wear a spec which is so mafan lor -.-
not get use of it?
then we went to time zone and take new print=)
hmmm... then accompany yaxi to eat.
after eating went home=) i spend a lot of money this few day ah=(
And zuer bitrthday is coming in two day time=D
any way TODAY is my brother birthday
happy birthday ah! no present=)

the pic is very small ah i cant do any change=D

Love ME @
4:13 AM

♥ Monday, March 15, 2010

change my block skin=) and remove tag box... i took less then 1hour to change=D ( not like my first time do my blog skin)
today went school for workshop for career planning was very sian all the way -.-
but after school went for lunch with haining weishi cynthia ate kfc.
after that we meet beverly and Priscilla.then we go k! was raining so we decided to cab but there, wait for so long ah so we take bus-.-
sing sing sing rubuin came with his friend. then we all sing till 5 then leave and we WENT HOME!=D

Love ME @
3:28 AM

♥ Saturday, March 6, 2010

hey! just reach home=) just now went out with annie, weishi, cynthia, hianing, dingyuan,bobby, bernard and galven went to mcc sing k 1hour ONLY! and have to go coz people have book the room ? so only can sing one hour.=( then we spent time wondering where to go and finally we decided to go pool with they all. while haining go back home. then at there play play play. bored. after that went to eat the home=) LOL. stop here

Love ME @
3:08 AM

♥ Friday, March 5, 2010

just back from cwp with haining
LOL talk and talk and talk.
boring sia today!
didnt went to find mk today as we got cheer today after school
at there so boring ah!
And Mr yeo treat us drink man! haha=D
so bored sia! now alone at home!!=(

Love ME @
3:06 AM

♥ Wednesday, March 3, 2010

yoyo!! get back most of the common test result le=) didnt do well bah? should do better de=( haha never mind! try harder! i get back my chemistry, math ,ss ,geo , POa and chinese
chemistry 19/40 fail by one marks sia!!!!
Math 25/35 not bad?? LOL
ss and geo both get same mark!! 15/25
POA Just pass!-.-
chinese 42/60 did it badly

other result haven come out yet!!=( must wait...LOl
end here=D

Love ME @
4:15 AM

♥ Sunday, February 28, 2010

tired tired!! today i wake up at four man! wow-.- so sleepy ah. sleep at 1am thats why so tired. today is last day of new year=D going gamble tonight! i want win money! ytd win $12 plus seen like i win money all the time. but before that i always lose=)lol.
And monday is school again=( some more volleyball. I hate volleyball now!

Love ME @
2:30 AM